Rough transcript of what Senate Intell Chair Dianne Feinstein said about the video she saw behind closed doors

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My FNC colleague Kristin Rudman emailed me the rough transcript below:

Dianne Feinstein

18:15:57 I’m here with Vice Chairman Senator Chambliss, very lengthy first inquiry

18:16:07 We had virtually all members of committee there but one

18:16:15 Saw real time film put together by NTCT of what happened, questioned DNI of Intelligence

18:16:39 Kennedy, Ambassador, not going to tell you what was asked or given, first step in inquiry

18:16:56 Meet with Petraeus in morning and then come back with two full hearings and anticipate a public hearing and at that time make our findings that can be unclassified released

18:17:21 Good hearing, gave us idea as to depth and breadth of this and we will continue to do so and plow through this until we have enough information to make findings


Saxby Chambliss

18:17:46 Gosh we know mistakes were made and have to learn from that

18:17:53 Tough questions from today and continue to do that

18:18:01 What was highlighted was professionalism of men and women in intelligence and armed services

18:18:15 Very heroic acts that took place, but lost four Americans and committee is going to get to the bottom of this

18:18:31 At the end of the day we’re going to have a public hearing for American people to have opportunity to get questions answered since 9/11 this year


Dianne Feinstein

18:18:52 Expand, this is a difficult area of the world. People who participate in intelligence and cover this area have great difficulty, different culture, language, etc.

18:19:13 Countries troubled from within, instability so very precipitous situation and on behalf of committee thank them

18:19:30 Doing best they can and not the days of KGB CIA intelligence, it’s a whole new world and difficult one

18:19:45 Very much appreciate their service and easy to criticize and hard to be out there





18:20:12 No, I think I can’t help you with timeline. Film is a composite from a number of sources. Real time, begins before incident started and goes through incident and exodus

18:20:36 I don’t think I should say anymore at this time


18:20:47 I’m not going to comment


18:21:00 Director Petraeus went to Tripoli, interviewed many of people so opportunity to get his views is important

18:21:17 I think and this is not to criticize people today, and we had a good back and forth and not the easiest thing for everybody testifying

18:21:34 Learned a great deal


18:21:45 No position to comment on that, I do not know and one thing we will try to find out


18:22:03 I’m not going to comment, investigation going on and the purpose of this hearing is Benghazi, not going into FBI or inspector general or anything else


18:22:27 All know that is taking place


18:22:45 I know you wouldn’t want me to answer a question when we have three additional hearings to flush it out

18:22:58 Not trying to avoid it but I don’t have all the information yet that I need

18:23:06 One of the things I didn’t want to do was give real opinions or analysis because we don’t have all the facts, we are fact finding



18:23:24 Complex scenario like this, can’t get all answered, have two in effect

18:23:37 Continue to work to get those answers



18:23:54 We had very good testimony from General R on what assets are there and not there and leave it at that


18:24:10 Thank all of you, have on thick soles, and long wait and we are probably most disappointing but is what it is so thank you


18:24:27 Exit Feinstein and Chambliss