Secretary of State Hillary Clinton news! She will testify about Benghazi before House Foreign Affairs Com and Senate Foreign Affairs Com [per FNC Chad Pergram]

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[Note:  Chad updated the note below.  Secretary Clinton will testify in OPEN hearings, not closed.]

Urgent: Clinton to testify about Benghazi in early December


Per Pergram-Capitol Hill


From the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Benghazi. ***


Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL):

I would like to note that I have spoken to Secretary Clinton’s Counselor and Chief of Staff, Cheryl Mills, and the Secretary has committed to testifying before our Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the Accountability Review Board’s report, which is expected to be concluded by early to mid-December.




Chad Pergram

FOX News

Senior Producer for Capitol Hill