What do you think about this? (I am trying not to headline this with “are you disgusted?”)

I am sitting in my office listening to a press conference with President Obama, Gov Cuomo, Mayor Bloomberg etc.  They are all in NY (Staten Island) viewing the damage from Hurricane Sandy. They are thanking each other for being there and yes,  being on the scene does help people.  I am glad they are there and glad they want to help.

  But there is something troubling — dangling in the back of my mind as I watch.  I just heard NYC Mayor Bloomberg say  “we all pull together when nature deals a blow…”   

But, why does it take a violent unexpected act to get our politicians to suddenly “pull together?”  Where are they the rest of the time?   For the slower acting problems, but nonetheless very important ones?

I watched President Obama and Governor Christie pre election talk about working together, I saw the bipartisan handshakes and heard the mutual praise – sometimes gushing on each other.  And while I was happy, very happy,  to see them working together to help people who really are in trouble, I also shook my head then. 

When it comes to 99.9% of other government business, politicians are at each other’s throats blaming each other for all sorts of bad things and certainly not getting business done as they have promised us so many times.   Their failure to work together for the American people has had bad consequences for us.   

A good example is the fiscal cliff – which is a real heartache for many Americans.  Both political parties have known about the  fiscal cliff since August 2011 and yet they did nothing but blame each other for 18 months and kick the can down the road.  They didn’t do their jobs.  They did zero (oh…unless you consider the fact that they all took off 3 months to campaign for their jobs.  But that was selfish.  That was for them.  They figured they would get to you and your needs later….after they got you to re-elect them.)  

 Kicking the fiscal issues down the road for the past 18 months is wrong and it has hurt.  The uncertainty of what would ultimately be done by the politicians has contributed to the continued stall of our economy and thus stall job creation.  You know what lack of jobs has meant for many families in America.  It has hurt and hurt big time.

Politicians selfishly let the fiscal cliff  hang over the American people  and the American economy since August 2011 because they could not find it in themselves to work together, or as Mayor Bloomberg just said, “pull together.” 

 So I shake my head as I hear the politicians heap praise upon each now in this press conference about how they are working together.   Where have they been?

This is not to say that I don’t want them to help those hurting from Sandy – I do – but rather to note how these politicians have failed us and fooled themselves.

What do you think?