Contraception ruling against the Obama Administration – tune in to ON THE RECORD at 10pm tonight

Tune in tonight to ON THE RECORD at 10pm.  A Federal Judge in DC — Judge Reggie Walton — ruled that a Christian publishing company does not have to offer the health insurance coverage for contraceptives.  Reason?  The Christian company has a moral objections.  Will the Obama Administration appeal the ruling?

(And by the way, I have known this Judge for decades!  I tried a terrible shooting case in front of him and much more…probably a murder case….in my previous life as a criminal defense attorney.  He gave defendants fair trials but was always a very, very heavy hitter when it came to sentencing.  You never wanted to be found guilty in his court.   He is a very good friend (best friend?) of Ted Williams and he is a very nice guy — unless, of course, you were a guilty defendant and then you would not be fond of him.)