I don’t buy it…

This is why I don’t believe it…something remains fishy.

Today General Petraeus is saying, per reports, that he always thought it was terrorism. 

But review the history:

On September 14, 3 days after the terrorism at Benghazi, he told Member of Congress the video / spontaneous protest story. 

Today, November 16, he is saying (or massaging) his September 14 story and now saying he somehow meant to or tried to convey on September 14 that it was terrorism.  Is that true?

Here is why I don’t believe it:  if that were true, that he was committed to telling the American people the TRUTH on September 14, that it was terrorism and not the silly video story, why didn’t he LATER CORRECT the false story with a public statement (or even a private call to the other story tellers to stop them from doing it?)

He had so so so much opportunity to correct the record and he had to know what was being said by others and in the press and by Members of House and Senate.  He could have corrected it publicly or even privately to those who continued the silly story to stop them.    Why didn’t he?

Remember, the false stories CONTINUED after the 14th:

1/ Ambassador Susan Rice on September 16

2/ President Obama on Letterman

3/ President Obama on THE VIEW…

and there are other times the silly story was pedaled.  General Petraeus had lots and lots and lots of chances to STOP the silly story and to CORRECT the silly story.  He did not.