Ranking member of Intell Committee Rep Dutch Ruppersberger

(notes from my FNC Kara Rowland below)

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, just spoke to reporters ON CAMERA following the appearance by Petraeus:

-I think it was very positive that Gen Petraeus to come before committee
-He addressed first briefing he gave to lawmakers
-He clarified that there were extremists in the group
-“It’s all about your perception and the information” you receive
-the info changes and evolves
-If you look at the facts and what we learned yesterday the first incident was different than second incident in annex
-On Rice comments – she got a lot of the same info we got – compared to Colin Powell at the UN
-Petraeus was not a part of briefing Susan Rice
-I didn’t talk to Susan Rice, all I know is what she said
-Petraeus also talked about his trip to Libya
-On his affair Petraeus said he was very sorry, resignation had nothing to do with testifying, affair had nothing to do with how he handled Benghazi
-Ruppersberger not sure if al qaeda was taken out of the talking points or not, has to check
-we want to get it right; intelligence is an evolving process
-Gen Petraeus was one of few ppl who had both military and intel experience
-I hope he’ll be able to give his advice in some way going forward – the transition in Afghanistan
-Asked whether helping Petraeus hide from the media was a condition of him coming before the committee, Ruppersberger said he didn’t know of any special arrangements

Kara Rowland
Capitol Hill producer, Fox News