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Below is from Speaker Boehner’s Press Secretary (sent to me by FNC Radio White House Correspondent Mike Majchrowitz)

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Background from Speaker Boehner’s office or a Boehner aide:


Today the Speaker formally offered to President Obama the framework he proposed in his address in the U.S. Capitol on the day after the election.


The Speaker said he believes 2013 should be the year we begin to solve our debt problem through tax reform and entitlement reform, and proposed that both parties work together to avert the fiscal cliff together in a manner that ensures 2013 is that year. He proposed that both parties commit to working toward a framework for tax and entitlement reform in 2013 that sets revenue and spending levels. This is a construct all present agreed was needed.


The Speaker told the president Republicans are seeking a solution that’s good for the country and the economy and can pass both chambers of Congress. He said Republicans recognize neither side is going to get everything it wants, and noted Republicans have put revenue on the table to demonstrate their seriousness about finding common ground.


The Speaker noted that without significant tax and entitlement reform, it is impossible to address the Country’s structural imbalance. Without significant reform, he noted, we will continue to face cliffs for the foreseeable future; they will occur more frequently and with greater magnitude.


Since tax and entitlement reform are too complex to complete this year, the Speaker noted, our goal for this year, in the coming weeks, is to settle on long-term revenue targets for tax reform as well as targets for savings from our entitlement programs.


Once we settle on those targets, the Speaker proposed, we can create simple mechanisms, in statute, that would achieve those revenue and spending goals. They would be in place unless or until more thoughtful policies replace them.


The Speaker recalled the president’s call for a “balanced” approach to the debt problem – a combination of revenues and spending cuts – and said the framework Republicans have proposed is consistent with it.


The Speaker urged the president to bring both parties together to find an agreement based on this framework, and expressed confidence that it could be done.


It was agreed upon that staff discussions will begin immediately on a framework that can be presented to the principals after the Thanksgiving holiday.



Brendan Buck

Press Secretary | House Speaker John Boehner