What’s up with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid? Why do the Senate Democrats pick him as their leader? Pick the Senate’s #2 Democrat, Senator Dick Durbin

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How does Senator Harry Reid get selected as the Democrats Leader in the Senate?   Does he have naked pictures of them?   I know many of the Democratic Senators and they want to solve our nation’s problems so it perplexes me that the Democrats continue to select Senator Reid as their leaders.  Leaders lead….he does not.  And worse, he is using his power to stop others, including his own Democratic Party members from working on solutions to national problems.  This is wrong.

First, Senate Majority Leader has – all by himself – blocked our nation from having a budget.  The President submitted a budget, the House submitted one, members of the Senate Budget Committee wanted to draft one….and Senator Reid refuses to allow the Senate Budget Committee to draft a budget which means the process stops.  Instead of having the 3 budgets (House, President, Senate) to reconcile and set the nation on a path  to solvency, he just stops it all.  He uses his position as Senate Majority Leader to stop any effort by anyone – including other Democratic Senators – from working to put our nation’s finances in order.  This is wrong.  This is not a leader.

And so now I read tonight (see letter posted below from Reid to McCain and Graham) that he refuses to permit the formation of a single Senate Select Committee to investigate the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi.  He says the issue has been “manipulated by Members of both the House and the Senate in service of partisan agendas.”  

Since when does investigating the murder of 4 Americans and investigating absurd misdirecting stories (the video protest story) by the Executive Branch of government become a “partisan agenda?”  Don’t all Americans deserve to know the truth?  What does Senator Reid want to do, ignore it?  Or let those involved investigate themselves like sending the fox out to guard the chicken coop?  There is reason we don’t ask people to investigate themselves.

Senator Reid accuses others of being partisan and yet he is the guilty party.  He is the partisan one.  His blocking for the Obama Administration, the refusal to either submit a budget or allow for a full and open investigation of Benghazi is just that: a partisan agenda.  He does not want to get the facts.  He has taken a side before facts have been developed in the face of very unusual  circumstances surrounding the death of 4 Americans – including inconsistent statements and weird explanations.  Is Senator Reid hiding something? Helping others to hide something?   I don’t know where the facts will lead but I sure become suspicious of those who don’t want them fully and fairly developed and who use their power to stop anyone from getting the facts…especially when 4 Americans are dead. 

It is the Obama Administration – Senator Reid’s party –  who has been politicizing Benghazi.  The Obama Administration has done everything in its power to drag out giving answers until AFTER the election even though time really matters in investigations, especially murders.  You can’t deny that dragging it out past the election and doing it with silly stories and slow walking investigations (like not talking to the Tunisian known to have been at the Consulate) is politicizing!  But, ok….election is over…stop the politicizing….time is up and now Americans should get full and complete answers.

One single select committee to investigate is efficient and wise.  It gets to the bottom of it.  It should include members of the House and the Senate, with both Democrats and Republicans, so as to streamline the process.   Does Senator Reid really think it makes sense to have several committees investigate? drag witnesses multiple times to multiple hearings before several Committees instead of one Committee simply handling it?  

Senator Reid is once again obstructing.  I wish the Senate Democrats would wake up and see what is going on.  Time to set him aside and pick someone else – someone who wants to solve problems, not just get in the way and stall the country.

How about the #2, Senator Dick Durbin?  They should elevate him to Senate Majority Leader.   We need leadership – not obstructionists.