Yes, I know it is Thanksgiving….but it does feel like house is burning down!

Are you frustrated by Washington?

We are headed – full speed ahead – towards that fiscal cliff.  The President, the Members of the House and the Senate just had a very very long paid vacation (since August.) Many of them used that paid vacation to campaign for their jobs — but that was their choice and who else gets paid to apply for his job, right?  I bet you don’t

In the meantime, the politicians (top to bottom) have not done theirs jobs of being good stewards of our nation’s financial crisis.  That’s their job and they have failed us and now we will get a pressured agreement and it is likely to be a temporary one which puts the economy on stall.  Temporary solutions are not helpful to business and that means a brake on job creation.

The politicians – top to bottom – have known about the fiscal cliff since end of July 2011 / early August 2011…so it is no surprise.  What IS a surpass is that they still have not done their work and they are all taking next week off for Thanksgiving and will take the last 10 days of December off for the Christmas holidays.  Firefighters don’t take time off when the house is burning down.  Media people work 24/7 for breaking news.  And chances are you do YOUR job — and don’t taken endless vacations.   And if you don’t do your job, or if you take endless vacations, you would lose your job.  

What do you think?  I know it is harsh to want people to stay in Washington and do their jobs all next week – it is Thanksgiving – but how about staying at least until Wednesday and working on the fiscal cliff crisis?  Thanksgiving isn’t until Thursday – so stay and work!  But alas, they are all leaving today.  And yes, they could come back next Friday, the day after Thanksgiving,  and work through the weekend …but don’t hold your breath.  That is not happening.  I don’t think they care.