An Israeli intelligence failure? and now a major game changer?

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I was reading and in one of the articles it was discussed how so many Iranian Fajr-5 missiles had found their way into Gaza (and then fired deep into Israel) and that the Israelis were “surprised.” These powerful rockets are called by one Israeli intelligence official as “game changers.”  Israel watches Gaza like a hawk (or so we are led to believe) so how did these rockets end up in Gaza? And what is next?

By the way, Iran denies supplying the Fajr-5 to Hamas. Click here to read the story.

From the same story linked above, you will read this:

“…Hamas’ armed wing said on Saturday it had launched an Iranian-made Fajr-5 rocket at Tel Aviv, Israel’s commercial center, about 70 km (43 miles) north of Gaza, in the third rocket attack on the city since Wednesday.


Israeli police said Saturday’s rocket was intercepted mid-air by an Israeli anti-missile battery and caused no casualties or damage.


Israel’s enemy Iran, which supports and arms Hamas, has condemned the offensive begun by the Israel Defiance Forces as “organized terrorism”…

….With its 75 km (46 mile) range and a 175 kg (385 pound) warhead – powerful enough to shear through a concrete apartment block – the Fajr is a prestige weapon for Hamas, which is massively outgunned by Israel’s technologically superior military.


By putting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in reach of the Palestinians, the Fajrs are also potential strategic game-changers that could draw even fiercer Israeli attacks on Gaza...”