Former CIA DIrector / General David Petraeus news! Is he about to write a book? looking for a book contract?

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According to reports, General David Petraeus has retained lawyer Robert Barnett, of the law firm Williams and Connolly.  Bob is very well known in Washington — well, actually, well known around the nation.  He represented the Clintons for their books as well as President Bush 43 and Former First Lady Laura Bush for their books, Governor Sarah Palin etc.  If I listed everyone Bob has represented in book deals, I would run out of space on the internet.  Of course the report is that Petraeus has no plans for a book but I wasn’t born yesterday so I assume (but don’t know) that a book is being discussed.   Bottom line ….stay tuned…

PS – Bob also negotiates many contracts for journalists / anchors on TV so he is very, very familiar with most, if not almost all, news people. (Note that while I have known Bob for a very long time, he doesn’t do my contracts – my husband does!)