White House Press Pool Report 4

Subject: Pool report 4//guest book signing

Potus entered the government house to sign a guest book at 6:05 pm local
time and took a seat at a small beige table. PM Shinawatra stood behind
him; she had changed into maroon colored skirt and jacket. Two thai and US
flags were set up behind them. Potus wrote a lengthy message with his left
hand in the guest book, then he stood and posed shaking Shinawatra's hand
for cameras. Then they walked into larger adjoining formal room with chairs
and large painting of the king as a young man in formal military outfit.
Pouts and the PM sat facing the room under the painting, and their aides
sat down two rows facing each other. On Obama's side were Hillary Clinton,
Thomas Donilon, Michael Froman, Valerie Jarrett and Kurt Campbell among
others. Pool was quickly led out as they began talking.
We are awaiting press conference.