Attorney General Eric Holder, at President Obama’s request, to stay on for “about a year”

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Below are FNC’s Ed Henry’s notes about the news about the Attorney General (will President Obama make the same request of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? and would she say yes?)


A senior administration official tells Fox that Attorney General Eric Holder has agreed to stay on at the President’s request for “about a year” … The official notes that the President did not want a mass exodus, especially with his national security team going through major changes.

But this does NOT mean that Holder will stay on for all four years of the second term. Instead the official said Holder is expected to stay on for approximately a year, and other candidates to eventually replace Holder are already starting to emerge.

The official told Fox that Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is interested in the post of Attorney General, and is one of several high-profile Democrats who would be considered when Holder eventually steps down.

(As Pergram notes, other names being batted around the Hill: Amy Klobuchar and Richard Blumenthal — who was Connecticut’s Atty General before coming to the Senate. And per levine: Napolitano’s name has been batted around)

The WSJ reported earlier today that Attorney General Holder “has accepted the president’s request to stay on.”