White House Press Pool Report — “all the leaders kitted out in Batik shirts. The President was modeling a sleek gray one.”

Subject: Pool report #15



Phnom Penh


POTUS left the US-ASEAN summit and headed to the East Asia summit dinner at the Diamond Island Convention Center.


All the leaders were kitted out in Batik shirts. The president was modelling a sleek gray one.


He stood having his picture taken in the pre-dinner photo next to Hun Sen and the Sultan of Brunei.


Russian President Vladimir Putin was not there but was represented by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.


Then the leaders paraded into the vast dinner auditorium lit by orange, green and yellow lights.


The President sat down with Hun Sen, in a blue Batik to his left and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard in an orange and red shirt. POTUS and Gillard were soon laughing and smiling like reunited buddies with their heads leaned in toward one another.


When Hun Sen returned from giving another speech, in which he again congratulated Potus on his election win, he touched glasses with the president and Gillard.


The pool left as some Khmer dancing girls with lavish costumes and pointed hats took the stage for a cultural performance.


Holding in the vans.




Collinson, AFP







Stephen Collinson

AFP White House Correspondent