White House Press pool … with color

Subject: Pool 6A -- more Thein Sein and a pagoda stop From Stephen Collinson of AFP: President Barack Obama visited Shwedagon Pagoda with a gold-plated, 325-foot tall (99 m) spire encrusted with diamonds and rubies that towers over Yangon. It is the spiritual center of Burmese Buddhism. Also, here's more color from the Thein Sein spray (from the last pool report) Thein Sein (speaking in Burmese and translated into English): "For the past 20 years there were some disappointments and obstacles in our diplomatic relations." Thein Sein said that thanks to the work of President Obama and Secretary of state Hillary Clinton "our bilateral relations are progressing and I would like to indicate our commitment to strengthening bilateral relations in the years to come." "We reached agreements on the development of democracy in Myanmar" Thein Sein wore a long purple sarong and a white shirt. He and Obama sat on two high-backed chairs. The U.S. delegation inside the room included Clinton, Amb. Derek Mitchell, Natl Secy Adviser Tom Donilon, the NSC's deputy natl secy adviser for intl economic affairs Mike Froman, Asst. Secy of State for East Asian Kurt Campbell, deputy natl security adviser Ben Rhodes and the NSC's sr. director for multilateral affairs and human rights Samantha Powers. As the pool waited for the spray outside in a long corridor, a lone bat flitted above their heads repeatedly.