Check out the tile work being done at GretaHome orphanage in Haiti


In December Samaritan’s Purse orphanage – Greta Home – moves into the newly constructed building.  (I am going to the opening.  I would not miss it!)

Check out some of the tile art work.  The orphanage houses about 70 children — most of the children simply abandoned by their mothers in the displaced persons’ camp after the earthquake that killed 300,000 people.  The story about these children’s lives is absolutely horrible but their future is bright now that they are in this orphanage.  Many of these children are the product rape — and, until they joined the Greta Home, many had never had any clothes.

But the good news?  This new orphanage has everything!  Great supervision by people who love them, a great school, great sleeping quarters, showers, etc. so they have opportunity and so much more!  The new building opens December 15.

CLICK HERE to go to Samaritan’s Purse to read more about what Samaritan’s Purse does and where they they help.  What might grab your attention right now is the the huge program to put shoe boxes full of gifts together for children around the world for Christmas.