Mayor Rudy Giuliani has a new job…click to find out what it is!


Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani is using his crime fighting background to combat a serious problem in America –  identity theft! Check out the LifeLock press release below and post your thoughts on Mayor Giuliani’s new gig!

LifeLock Introduces ‘America’s Mayor’ Rudy Giuliani as Strategic Advisor to Enhance Consumer Awareness of the Threat of Identity Theft

Known for his role as one of America’s most effective mayors, Rudy Giuliani is a proven crime fighter. While leading the turnaround of New York City, Giuliani made crime reduction a top priority, making life better for countless citizens of the city and setting an example for urban renewal around the world. His anti-crime program achieved remarkable, historic declines in a wide variety of criminal activity. As US Attorney in New York, he became one of the most successful prosecutors in history by standing up to organized and white collar crime and protecting the people of New York. He exemplifies steadfast leadership during times of great adversity, always focused on informing and protecting people.

In keeping with that role, Rudy Giuliani has partnered with LifeLock, an industry leader in proactive identity theft protection, to help educate consumers about the increasing threats related to the crime of identity theft. Giuliani and his team will be providing strategic counsel to LifeLock’s leadership and working with LifeLock to stay ahead of the constantly evolving threat of identity theft.

“I’ve spent a significant part of my career fighting crime and working to help protect consumers from threats,” said Giuliani. “Identity theft isn’t going away. I have seen this crime expand and change dramatically throughout all of my years working with law enforcement. Increasing reliance on technology is only further exposing hardworking people to the criminals who want to steal their lives,” said Giuliani.

According to the “2012 Identity Fraud Report: Consumers Taking Control to Reduce their Risk of Fraud” published by Javelin Strategy & Research, nearly 11.6 million US adults were the victim of identity fraud in 2011. This same report shows that the incidents of fraud, totaled $18 billion in losses.

“Consumers need to be more aware of the tactics criminals are using to gain access to our personal information and they need to have early warning when they are being attacked. As I continue to learn more about this crime and have assessed the current protection options available to consumers, I am convinced that LifeLock is an industry leader in identity theft protection,” said Giuliani.

“We are proud to have Rudy Giuliani stand alongside of LifeLock as we continue to educate consumers about the threats of this insidious crime,” said LifeLock CEO Todd Davis. “The success that Mayor Giuliani has seen in cleaning up crime in New York is extraordinary and we are pleased that our visions to help protect consumers from identity theft are in alignment.”