More news about Sec Hillary Clinton

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Below from FNC Kimberly Schwandt about Secretray Clinton’s travels to Mid East:


*She’ll meet with regional leaders, Israeli partners, she’ll emphasize US interest in a peaceful outcome.

*Clinton will meet with Netenyahu, then Palestinians in Ramallah and Egyptian leaders in Cairo.  Will continue US’ stance to not engage directly with Hamas.


Thanks to Ashley for verbating the announcement section:



2:31:57 This morning, Secretary Clinton and the President spoke again about the situation in Gaza and about the calls that he’s done. And they agreed that it makes sense for the Secretary to travel to the region. 2:32:08 So Secretary Clinton will depart today, and she will travel to Jerusalem, Ramallah and Cairo, leaving from Phonm Penh 2:32:15 She’ll meet with regional leaders, beginning with our Israeli partners to consult on the situation in Gaza.


2:32:22 Her visits will build on the engagement that we’ve undertaken over the last several days, including the engagement by President Obama and Secretary Clinton with leaders in the region to support a de-escalation of the violence in a durable outcome that ends the rocket attacks on Israeli cities and ensures a broader calm in the region. 2:32:39


2:32:50 On her trip, Secretary Clinton will emphasize the United States’ interest in a peaceful outcome that protects and enhances Israel’s security and regional stability. 2:33:01 An outcome that can lead to improved conditions for the civilian residents of Gaza and that can re-open the path to fulfill the aspirations of Palestinian’s and Israeli’s for 2 states living side by side in peace and security. 2:33:13 And of course she will continue to express our concerns about the loss of civilian life on both sides. 2:33:20


2:35:04 She’ll be speaking to Israeli’s and her first stop will be in Israel, where she’ll meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu, again to reinforce our close cooperation. 2:35:13 Then she’ll be meeting with Palestinians in Ramallah and she’ll be meeting with Egyptian leaders in Cairo. 2:35:19


2:37:21 I can assure you that she’ll be meeting with the Palestinian authority. The United States is not engaged directly with Hamas. 2:37:27 Hamas has not met the conditions that we’ve set for many years to renounce terrorism, to recognize Israel’s right to exist and to abide by pre-existing agreements. So we do not engage directly with Hamas. 2:37:38