Please …just one more favor.. email the video (just below) to your Senators / Members of Congresss (just click into it and email via the email icon)

I just re-watched the video just posted.  It is so painful to watch — this is what I saw when I was in Sudan.  So here is my favor: can you please send it to one friend to watch.  If nothing else, I just want the word to get out about what is happening to these people.  I need your help.  Please go back to that post and just send it to someone to watch.   Of course if you can send it to more, that would be immensely appreciated.  These people have no voice and they are getting bombed — and terrorized — by their President Bashir (Sudan.)  And yes, he is the one helping Iran to arm Hamas.  The rockets are going via Sudan to Egypt to Gaza and then fired at Israel.  Please help by spreading the word — send that video to someone.