You have seen what Sudanese President Bashir does to children — now see what he does to a Christian Pastor

photo copy 2

These are the hands of a Pastor tortured in a Sudanese prison.  This is the handiwork of Sudan’s President Bashir.  He doesn’t like Christians.  He bombs their churches and he tortures the Pastors.

Reverend Franklin Graham was in Sudan last month and when he told me about the Pastor and the torture, I asked if he would send me the pictures.

After seeing the pics, I asked Reverend Graham if I could post these pictures on GretaWire since you all are now deeply immersed in Sudan, too  — you know more about Sudan than anyone you know having followed it here on GretaWire.

If you know others who are following the evil of President Bashir, please make sure you forward this post.   The more people know, and know about the Sudanese President, the better.