More grotesque handiwork by Sudan’s President Bashir ….killing his own people in the Nuba Mountains and destroying their homes…this is the latest report…

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(I took the pic when I was in the Nuba Mountains last April with Reverend Franklin Graham.  The people were hiding in caves because Pres Bashir was bombing them…and still is.)
Office of the Official Spokesperson
Sudan Air force bombed Saraf-jamus and Tangel villages
Khartoum regime continues its repeated attacks on civilians in the areas controlled by the SPLM/A-N in South Kordofan / Nuba Mountains state, the intensive Arial bombardments have inflicted heavy losses among local populations and their properties, some villages in Umdorain, Boram and kadugli counties were bombed on 24-25/11/2012 injured three children and killed a number of livestock as well fires that devastated sorghum farms and gardens.
On 24/11/012 at 10:30 am an Antonov plane dropped 4 bombs into Tangel village injured 1 / Child – Tutu Yusuf Almakteb -3 yrs old 2 / Child – Kuku Kory meter -3 yrs old 3 /  – Kochi Moses Israiel -17 yrs old, leg fracture and killed 5 sheep of the citizen / Moses Phillips and at the same time 2 bomb was dropped into Umdorain killed 3 goats and one cow and  at 6:30 pm  4 bombs was dropped into Saraf-jamus village  led to the outbreak of fires destroyed the farms and gardens, 8 bombs dropped into Shatt-Safie villages burn farms and bush, 2 bombs dropped in Limma village in west kadugli at 12;30 pm intended to destroy the market.
On 11/25/12 antonov plane dropped 17 bombs into Albati village intended to destroy Umdorain county offices building and 2 other bombs dropped into residential area of Korera village.
Arnu Ngutulu Lodi
SPLM/A-N official spokesman