Give it a rest! What’s up with the criticism of NBC Matt Lauer? I think he does a great job

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I don’t get it….Matt Lauer is a success and he got it the old fashioned way: he earned it.  For the last, what, 20 years (?) he has gotten up at 3am and worked hard and succeeded, really succeeded!  So now the ‘success haters’ are taking swipes at him…whatever.   (Why do some so hate the success of others?)

A word of caution to you if you read the criticism of him: beware of the anonymous sources as those are the nasty people (and the ones who either want his job or are just nasty or have some other motive that is not good.) They are also the cowards who don’t want to be named.

I admire Matt Lauer.  He has been extremely successful and great at his work.  (And no, we are not friends and so that is not the motive for posting this….I don’t think I have ever met him.)