Let’s get something straight – Senator John McCain is NOT a racist (and while I am at it, neither is President Bill Clinton) – MS/NBC needs to direct its employee RIchard Wolffe to apologize

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Update, November 26, 4:37pm.  

I first blogged about a similar matter by MS/NBC on November 22.  I now update it

When MS/NBC  finally develops the decency to apologize to Senator John McCain for Richard Wolffe calling him a racist (see below to the Nov 22 posting), they should add into the mix one of the employees named Toure.  See the headline from Mediaite.com [click here]

Senator McCain (and if you read below even the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank) has legitimate questions about Ambassador Susan Rice…so what do some people employed by MS/NBC do?  They throw horrible insults.  See the headline from www.mediaite.com:


 Here is more from the www.mediaite.com article:

And now below to my November 22 posting where I point out MS/NBC’s Richard Wolffe’s false and painful accusation about Senator McCain:


MS/NBC should apologize to Senator McCain if they can’t get their employee Richard Wolffe to do so.  What Richard Wolffe said about Senator McCain is deplorable and he should be condemned for it.

It is about time we stop something — and that is the gratuitous and hurtful insult of falsely calling someone a racist and people not standing up and defending those falsely accused.  It happens often to our leaders — from 2008 when President Clinton was falsely called a racist by a politician during his campaigning for his wife and to now with Senator John McCain being called a racist by MS/NBC’s Richard Wolffe.

(from FoxNews.com)

Here is a fact: not every challenge or criticism of anyone who happens to be African American is racist.  This is not to say there is no racism in this country – there is and it is terrible – but by throwing the term around recklessly and cruelly against someone with whom you don’t agree dilutes the serious charge of racism when it is warranted.  It is like crying wolf.

Secondly, there are legitimate reasons someone might oppose Ambassador Rice’s nomination to Secretary of State, should she be nominated.  The job of Secretary of State includes the ability to get it right and not just take what is spoon fed to you by others.  We need thinkers with good judgment, not those who are willing to be Administration robots and accept the bizarre as fact and then go out and promote it to the American people.

At a minimum, before Ambassador Rice went out on the 5 Sunday talk shows representing the Obama Administration on something so important as the murder of 4 people, including a US Ambassador, she should have asked questions of the Administration, including the simple and obvious questions, ‘are you sure? and what makes you say that?’

Not convinced by what I write above?

Try this: the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank had this to say about Ambassador Rice:

“….It’s true that, in her much-criticized TV performance, she was reciting talking points given to her by the intelligence agencies. But that’s the trouble. Rice stuck with her points even though they had been contradicted by the president of the Libyan National Assembly, who, on CBS’s “Face the Nation” just before Rice, said there was “no doubt” that the attack on Americans in Benghazi “was preplanned.” Rice rebutted the Libyan official, arguing — falsely, it turned out — that there was no evidence of such planning….” [Dana Milbank / Washington Post / click here ]

That is not all Washington Post’s Dana Milbank had to say.  Here is more:

“…True, Rice was following orders from the White House, which she does well. But the nation’s top diplomat needs to show more sensitivity and independence — traits Clinton has demonstrated in abundance. Obama can do better at State than Susan Rice…”

I have not heard MS/NBC’s Richard Wolffe call the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank a racist.  Why not?  Under Wolf’s definition of a racist – opposing Ambassador Rice as Secretary of State –  the Washington Post’s Milbank, like Senator McCain, is a racist.  They both oppose Ambassador Rice as Secretary of State.

Of course you and I both know that neither Milbank nor McCain is a racist for opposing Ambassador Rice.  But Richard Wolffe?  What is he?  What is he for falsely accusing someone of being something as terrible as a racist?  I have some ideas….but I will let you come up with your own.

It is cruel and mean spirited to falsely call someone a racist.  I have known Senator McCain for years.  He is not a racist and I will stand up for him on this.  This is not right to accuse him.  Who else will stand up and be heard?

By the way, Senator McCain and his wife have an adopted African child who is now a young adult so my guess is that this cruel insult is particularly painful to his family. MS/NBC’s Richard Wolffe might want to extend a special apology directly to their child since I bet it was extra painful for her to read that her Father, Sen. McCain, was falsely being called a racist.