Look who is in town visiting President Obama!

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Subject: Foreign Pool Report – Mexican President [elect] Peña Nieto


Here are some additional details from your Foreign press pooler to complement the US pool report and the transcripts.


– As usual, president-elect Peña Nieto was sitting to the right of President Obama.

He was wearing a black suit and a burgundy-and-salmon tie over a white shirt.

He looked just as “young and telegenic” as his reputation claims.


– President Obama underlined the fact that president-elect Peña Nieto “lived in Maine for a year, where winters are even worse than in Chicago”.


Throughout President Obama’s comments, president-elect Peña Nieto kept nodding (implying he understood or agreed the President).


He looked particularly appreciative when President Obama underlined the fact that “Mexico is not just a bilateral partner, but a multilateral and multinational leader.”


– Even if he seemed to understand president Obama very well, president-elect Peña Nieto made his comments in Spanish.


– President-elect Peña Nieto repeatedly used the word “opportunity” to describe his new relationship with President Obama. Notably, it’s an “opportunity” that comes forth only every 12 years to have a newly elected Mexican president and an American president start their terms at the same time.


– As you will read in the transcript, he talked about jobs, North American integration, the TPP, violence (“…cooperation in mutual respect of sovereignty…”), immigration (“We fully support your proposal. More than that, we want to participate and contribute.”).


– Finally, president-elect Peña Nieto invited President Obama to Mexico, notably for the 2013 North American Summit.


As we were waiting to get into the Oval Office, a member of the Mexican delegation told your Foreign pooler that, accompanying president-elect Peña Nieto, were:

– Luis Videgaray Caso, his Election campaign manager, potential Finance minister.

– Miguel Angel Osorio Ching, former governor of the State of Hidalgo, in charge od Security matters in the Transition team.

– Emilio Lozoya Austine, in charge of Foreign Affairs in the Transition team.


There was no sighting of his supposedly exceptional wife, Angélica Rivera Hurtado.


Your Foreign pooler also got a glimpse of vp Biden, sec. of State Clinton and John Brennan.




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