RADIO TALK SHOW HOST (and most listened to woman on radio) LAURA INGRAHAM NEWS

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See the story below about Laura Ingraham.  I have not spoken to her but I can tell you that she is probably making a shrewd business decision.  She is very successful on the radio (top woman) and success breeds options and lots of them.  For her it is only a matter of picking one.

Radio’s Laura Ingraham off the air

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NEW YORK (AP) — Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham is off the air – at least temporarily.


She said Tuesday that she’s leaving her distributor, Talk Radio Network, after more than nine years because her contract is up. Ingraham said she is in discussions with other distributors about her show, which currently airs on 325 stations nationally.


Talkers magazine says the conservative Ingraham is the most-listened to woman on radio, with an estimated 5.75 million   CLICK HERE