What Senator Harry Reid does not get …

In his statement (posted below), Senator Harry Reid complains that there are “personal attacks against Ambassador Rice” by certain Republican Senators that have been outrageous…and that [Ambassador Rice] has done nothing wrong…”

First, not all criticism amounts to “personal attacks.”  Criticism can be legitimate and warranted.

Second, it is not a question whether Ambassador Rice did something wrong with bad intent — but that she did something very poorly and incompetently on this particular topic.  She repeated what she was told (which turned out wrong.)   That is not good – even if it was done inadvertently with good heart and good mind.   This investigation is much too serious — it involves the murder of 4 Americans and unanswered questions about government activity.

This is a fact: we don’t need ‘yes men’ (in either political party) in high places — we need people with good judgment (not always perfect since perfect is unattainable) who dare to ask questions.  Asking questions is not an option – it is what she should have done and what we should expect.  She (just as the Press Secretary Carney and others) should have asked questions of her (their) briefers and if she did and they lied to her, she needs to tell us.