Why are some taking this so personally? Of course Ambassador Rice should be questioned carefully – she was the assigned Obama Administration Sunday show spokesperson and told a ridiculous story about 4 murdered Americans …and we still don’t have the facts

If Ambassador Rice had not been assigned by the Administration to be their Sunday morning talk show spokesperson on the Benghazi 4 murders, no one would be talking about her.  If someone else had been assigned, we would be focused on THAT person.  It is that simple.

Or…if  Ambassador Rice had given the straight story on the Sunday morning shows, and not the silly video one, no one would be talking about her but would have moved on to others who might have information about the murder.   She, as the Administration’s spokesperson on the topic, amped it up with the silly video story – when they knew it was terrorism – creating reasonable suspicion.

She put herself in the soup — or let the White House do it to her but the nation would be remiss if it did not try and find out what happened in Benghazi.  We owe it to the murdered, their families, others who serve in our Embassies around the world …and the rest of America.  

Once all the facts are aired, this will go away.  The Obama Administration holds all the facts and thus holds all the cards — as soon as the Administration wants to and does provide all the information, it will end.   I would like to see this end but it won’t until the facts – the straight ones – are finally released by the Administration.

And, because of the way the Administration has handled this (clumsy at best), the airing should be in a public forum.   This town has a lousy way of trying to hide stuff from the American people by calling it all  classified.  

What do you think?