Here is what Senator Susan Collins said about her conversation today with Ambassador Susan Rice

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My FNC colleague Catherine Herridge forwarded me the information below.  What is particularly telling about this transcript is that the Senator is Sen Susan Collins who is moderate…so if she is uncertain about Ambassador Rice,  you can expect it is not going to be an easy confirmation if  Ambassador Rice is nominated as the next Secretary of State.

Sen Collins

11:27:55 I’m also very troubled by the fact that we seem not to have learned from the 1998 bombings of 2 of our embassies in Africa at the time when Amb Rice was the assistant secretary for african affairs, 11:28:16 those bombings in 1998 resulted in the loss of life of 12 Americans as well as many other foreign nationals, and 4,000 people were injured

11:28:34 and what troubles me so much is the Benghazi attack in many ways echos the attacks on those embassies in 1998 when Susan Rice was head of the African region for our state dept 11:28:53 in both cases the ambassadors begged for additional security 11:29:00 The ambassador to Kenya sent repeated messages to the state department requesting a stronger facility because of the increased threat, and those requests, as in the case of Benghazi, were turned down by the state dept.

11:29:23 I asked Amb Rice what her role was, she said that she would have to refresh her memory, but that she was not involved directly in turning down the request

11:29:40 but surely given her position as assistant secretary for African affairs, she had to be aware of the general threat assessment and of the ambassadors’ repeated request for more security.

11:29:56 Ambassador Rice said near the beginning of our session that she felt the real issue here was the protection of our ppl and our facilities and I agree, and that’s why her actions and whether or not lessons were learned from the 1998 attacks on our embassies in Africa are important questions, and I have asked for additional information there.

11:30:30 Another erie echo is that this administration has pointed out repeatedly that there was not a specific warning of a specific attack on Benghazi, instead there was just an increased level of threat in the region, 11:30:52 once again

in 1998 when you read the accountability review board report, they say that ashington and headquarters underestimated the threat to our ppl in Africa 11:31:09 so these are issues that I believe deserve further investigation and remain troubling to me. 11:31:18



Catherine V. Herridge

Chief Intelligence Correspondent

Fox News Channel