HUH? I think Bruce Bartlett flatters himself …

I am sitting in my office late…getting ready for ON THE RECORD at 10pm and taking a minute to read on the internet.  I just read on some boo-hoo from Bruce Bartlett.  He thinks he was banned from appearing on Fox News for a book he wrote and complains about it in American Conservative.  Banned?  Huh?  I have been at Fox News Channel almost 11 years and I have never heard that Bruce Bartlett was or is banned.  I think he flatters himself.  

Of course not every book author is invited on Fox News Channel.  I can get 2 books a day sent to me by authors wanting to appear on ON THE RECORD at 10pm and since I read the books first, very few authors get booked on OTR at 10pm.   I just don’t have the time to read all the books, some books just don’t interest me, and of course there are other topics to talk about on OTR at 10pm. 

So Bruce Bartlett and his publicist may think there is some conspiracy to ban him …but I never heard about it.  As far as I can recall, I never even heard about his book.  

And most importantly, I never got an “order from on high”  as he claims his publicist was told.   I would remember an “order from on high” (by the way, and you can ask my friends, family members, coworkers, employers and even the nuns, I don’t take orders ….I am stubborn that way.)  

PS  CLICK HERE to go to  It is a good tv website.