I hope they don’t think they are going home for a Christmas vacation without a deal – they just took 3 months off!

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Below is a note from FNC Chad Pergram:


Adding to this, Pelosi also reiterated her and Reid’s thesis that Democrats have already given enough when it comes to spending cuts….

A contrary position to this from one senior aide…is that by having everyone lay out their positions…and dragging this process out…actually hurts them from getting a deal. It hardens the positions and keeps everyone from getting a deal.

Moreover…that makes it harder to get an agreement because it stretches time out toward Christmas.

The longer there is no big meeting at the White House means it’s harder to get an agreement because it stretches things out toward Christmas…meaning the White House thinks that’s the only way it can get an agreement.

Chad Pergram
FOX News
Senior Producer for Capitol Hill