IMMIGRATION NEWS! (Dems accuse Repubs of pandering?)

Below is from FNC’s Chad Pergram

Urgent: House to begin debate GOP’s immigration bill tomorrow

Per Pergram-Capitol Hill


The House Rules Committee has just announced that the House expects to consider the GOP’s immigration reform bill on the floor tomorrow.


This measure reallocates 55,000 green cards and eliminates the “lottery.” Instead, it devotes the cards to those with advanced degrees in science and engineering.


It appears as though the bill will hit the floor in early afternoon. They have to first debate the “rule” which sets the parameters for debate…and then begin debate on the actual bill itself.


They expect to vote on the bill Friday.


This measure lost in the House earlier this year. It got a majority of votes, but failed because the method under which it was considered required a two-thirds supermajority.


Democrats are skeptical of the bill and believe the GOP is trying to pander to minorities after the election results with this measure.





Chad Pergram

Senior Producer for Capitol Hill

FOX News