SOME IN THE MEDIA: Complacent? and complicit? (read and tell me what you think)

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If you hear someone in a news organization excusing Congress’s and the President’s inactivity or failure to be a good steward of our national economy and finances with “that’s the way it is done,” turn off the TV, switch to another website, or set down the paper promptly.  We don’t need a complacent media and that is what we have with many — on top of a government failing us.

Just because “that is the way it is done”  (and has been the way it is done for decades) is no reason to excuse the behavior of Congress.  Nor is it a reason for news organizations to be complacent and not do their jobs of aggressively reporting.  When news organizations accept the ‘that’s how it is always done,’ they become complicit since that means there is no cost to Congress and the President for not doing their jobs.

Time is up.  Complacency – in government and media – is strangling us.

News organizations need to put the foot to the pedal and demand that Congress and the President DO their jobs — which includes not fighting, not just sitting there doing nothing or worse, taking another paid vacation without completing their jobs.  The media should not just shrug its collective shoulders and say ‘that’s how it is always done.’

What do you think?

PS the exception to the rule….if ‘that’s the way it is always done’ is producing a good result