Here is what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell just said on the Senate Floor

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(Below transcript sent to me by FNC’s Amy Wehinger)


9:37:05 it took four months but the republicans are finally realizing their way back from the fiscal cliff has been right in front of them all along. in july the senate passed legislation to give economic certainty to 98% of american families and to small businesses, to every american making less than $250,000 a year. 9:37:24 for four months we’ve been one vote away for from a solution to this looming crisis. they’ve held the middle-class hostage to protect the richest 2% of taxpayers, people who enjoyed a decade of ballooning income and shrinking tax bills. one has to admire the president, who went out and campaigned on this issue. he didn’t — he didn’t in any way walk away from the issue. he said that’s how we’re going to get our fiscal house in order. and independents by a huge margin, democrats by a huge margin, and 41% of republicans support what the president asked us to do. 9:38:13 now, reasonable republicans are coming around to what democrats are said all along. let’s reasure millions of americans that their taxes won’t go up on january 1. those are the people who are the middle class of america. prominent republicans are calling on speaker boehner to end the suspense for millions of these american families. 9:38:32 yesterday republican congressman tom cole of oklahoma, a veteran in the house of representatives, urged his caucus to pass the senate’s legislation keeping taxes low for those making less than $250,000 a year. 9:38:45 mr. president, that would pass by an overwhelming margin –. all the speak has to do is let it come up for a vote. i would bet a lot of his republicans would vote for t i would bet a majority of his republicans would vote for it. virtually every democrat would vote for it. they only need 218. there’s 485 members in the house. 9:39:04 and we also noted yesterday that republican congressman tim scott of south carolina, who is noted for his conservatism, admitted yesterday that if the speaker brought our bill to a vote, it would surely pass. so it’s time for house republican leadership — 9:39:27 it’s time they listened to the will of the american people — independents, democrats, and republicans. and also the advice of reasonable members of their own caucus. the way out of this standoff is clear. i’m sorry, mr. president. yet 9:39:51 we’re left wondering how long republicans will force middle-class families to wait and worry. unfortunately, resolving the standoff won’t eliminate every conflict over the fiscal future. 9:40:02 we have to end wasteful tax breaks for the richest of americans. we agree — we agree with the majority of americans. serious 9:40:12 if we’re serious about reducing the deficit, it will take a balanced approach last year we successfully worked across party lines to cut $1 trillion worth of spending we just couldn’t afford. but, mr. president, 9:40:37 now even our republican colleagues acknowledge budget cuts alone won’t solve our fiscal challenges. 9:40:58 lets take care of the middle class today



9:42:37 throughout the week i’ve raised questions about the president’s level of seriousness and engagement when it comes to resolving the short- and long-term…

9:42:48 prez is key to success in all of these discussions

9:42:55 hoping when geithner comes up to cap brings specific plan 2 parties can agree to

9:43:15 strengthening entitlements, reducing wash spending and reducing tax hike

9:43:25 wh preferred talking points and appeal to hard left … how fix econ … reduce federal debt

9:43:41 stuck on same old tired slogans

9:43:46 really, completely counterproductive

9:44:04 referring to oft repeated assertion by wh and reporters .. insist on not raising income tax rates are doing so to protect the rich .. has nothing to do with it

9:44:27 the super rich vote for democrats … not protecting tiny sliver of electorate .. insisting on keeping tax rates to protect jobs and govt doesn’t need money in the first place

9:44:51 if more revenue is the price dems want to exact … then we should at least agree to do it in way that doesnt cost jobs …

9:45:11 a lot of ppl around here forgotten still in mid of jobs crisis … lot of ppl hurting in my state

9:45:29 if its an iron law of econ .. get less of what you tax .. why raise taxes on work … rates matter because of behavior … incentive to work …. economics

9:46:12 cbo goes on to say … decrease output in medium and long term .. in mid of jobs crisis , that’s the last thing we should be doing

9:46:49 rates are higher … try harder to keep the govt from taking what they earn

9:47:00 more incentive for wealthy to waste money in attempt to shelter what they earn

9:47:14 problem acute for those thinking about taking 2nd job in household …

9:47:29 instead of raising rates .. repb. proposed capping deductions …

9:47:43 more revenue .. smarter way of doing it is capping deductions … far less painful, more econ sound way

9:48:01 cbo agrees … broadening tax base … smaller negative effect or even positive effect

9:48:21 not only are there plenty of ways to do it …can be found right in prez own budget

9:48:36 prez budget .. 3 ideas .. dwarf revenue est could grab from increasing top 2 rates …

9:49:01 i dont like any of these ideas … they all hurt somebody …

9:49:15 dont tell me you have to raise rates to do it … it’s not true … long dems keep saying it … longer take to come to agreement

9:49:32 holy grail of liberalism .. their aim isn’t job creation … wealth destruction ..

9:49:48 prez elected prez of the united states .. steward of nations finances .. responsibility to work out agreement … something that can get through repb. house

9:50:11 waiting on prez and we can still get there, but he’s going to have to lead … whacking rich … worked well in campaign … elect over …

9:50:34 different subject – happy day for my alma mater….