So let me get this straight….

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Criticizing Ambassador Susan Rice for her job performance (giving wrong information about 4 murders on 5 Sunday shows in the face of obviously available correct information….and not correcting her error for 73 days – from September 16 til she met with US Senators November 27) is sexism?  (Frankly, I think it would be sexism to sweep this under a rug.  Would we do that for a man if his performance were so poor on such an important topic? Answer is no.  Why treat a woman differently? )

And yet the same people squealing sexism now about the criticism of Ambassador Rice saw no problem (they never spoke up) when a woman Vice Presidential candidate was put on the cover of the now defunct Newsweek in short shorts?  That was NOT sexism?

Women should get EQUAL treatment, held to the same standards as men and women should not a pass for poor performance because they are women.  If you give women a pass for poor performance, you set women back, you don’t help them.