PICS Gov Susana Martinez’ childhood home in El Paso, Texas

MH 17628

Governor Martinez dazzled many at the Republican National Convention with her speech — provoking many to think she may be a ‘contender’ in 2016.  We wanted to get the jump on the story and take a look at her now which is why we traveled this weekend to El Paso, Texas (her hometown) and to her New Mexico home in Las Cruces.   She is the first woman Hispanic Governor. She is a Republican in a Democratic state and she balanced the budget (recovered from a deficit left by the outgoing Governor and produced a surplus) while working WITH the Democratic controlled state House and Senate.

If you tune in Monday night to ON THE RECORD at 10pm you will see our interview.

By the way, the Governor had not seen her childhood home in about 20 years.  One neighbor  (below) recognized her and yelled out “Suzy!”  He and the Governor talked about playing baseball, football and kick the can in the street in front of their homes.