This is what happens with lousy management ….

We are in El Paso, Texas having just deplaned.  There are problems with our American Airlines flight so we can’t take off.  Usually mechanics come on board a troubled plane, handle the problem, and with a slight delay, the flight takes off.  But, because of American Airlines lousy management and yes, the economy, AA has money problems and thus can not afford or do not have mechanics at this airport on the weekend (I was told they have them here weekdays.)  So what is the American’s back up solution? They have to call ‘contract mechanics’ to come to the airport to fix any problems.  Because it is early here and Sunday morning, American is having trouble reaching the contract mechanics and thus they deplaned the passengers.  Now there is a giant line at the counter.   My flight’s deplaned passengers are anxious to get to their destinations but with limited, almost no, options.  As for us?  I don’t know…we will figure it out but I do feel sorry for others who have little or no flexibility in travel.  Of course planes develop problems and people have to be patient (and you don’t want a plane taking off with problems) but imagine if the Airline had mechanics at the airport to fix the problems…it would be a different story.  Lousy management, and yes, a flat at best economy, contributes to the poor handling of what should be an easy fix.

By the way, the flight attendant could not have been nicer or more helpful.  She was great.