Sec Hillary Clinton v. Gov Susana Martinez in 2016? Two women?

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Everyone else is guessing and predicting….so I thought I would jump into the game. 

Here is my wild speculation — that the nominees for both parties could be women.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said in the past that she is not going to run in 2016 but keep your eye on her husband, Former President Bill Clinton to give you a hint whether she might run or not.  He seems to have been running around the country the past two years collecting political chits…plus he really, really helped President Obama in November’s election which should be good for both an endorsement in 2016 and the use of his huge, huge emailing (ie fundraising list.)  Secretary Clinton has been vetted and vetted for years so there would be no surprises popping up and you can’t deny she has experience – she has lots of it. 

Other Democrats who may run (but may first wait to see what Secretary Clinton does) include Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley or New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo.

And on the Republican side?  There are several names that have surfaced (ie Jindal, Walker, Rubio, Ryan, Palin and Christie) but I would not be surprised if there were a surprise nominee like New Mexico’s Governor Susana Martinez.  She brings much to the Republican Party that the Party needs.  She was a DA for years and then ran for Governor as a Republican — and, surprisingly, elected in that Democratic state.  Upon taking office, Governor Martinez faced a significant state deficit – but, even with a democratic state legislature, she worked out a solution with them and now, in less than 2 years, New Mexico has a surplus.  Governor Martinez is not without a controversy within her own party – most notably last May her statement about Governor Mitt Romney’s “self deportation” idea.  (By the way, tune in tonight to ON THE RECORD at 10pm for our interview this past weekend of Governor Martinez in New Mexico.) 

Another candidate for the Republicans in 2016 might be Governor Jeb Bush.  He has said in the past that he is not interested but he has been showing up recently places that suggest that he wants to be ‘in the game’ and he seems to have softened on the idea of running in 2016.   Some have suggested that his last name could be a hindrance — but he would not be running on his name but rather on his own record.  Notably, he has been a Governor of a huge state (Florida) and he has taken positions that are often not the same as the mainstream Republican Party.

Of course you are wondering why I am talking / posting about this now.  Simple answer….these Presidential races start forming sooner and sooner every election cycle.   It is particularly fun for me to watch since I have interviewed many of the possible nominees — except Governor Jeb Bush — many times or I know them from simply living here in Washington, DC.

But…I have given you my wild speculation (I have no inside story)…so your turn…who do you think? will there be surprises?