This is lame — Congresswoman Emerson (R/Mo) is for herself? (I wonder what she told the voters as she ran this fall….)

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I think this is terrible.  Congresswoman Emerson just got re-elected (and no doubt to get re-elected told citizens of Missouri that she wanted to help them) — and now finds something better to do…and so is quitting?  Do you know how much elections cost?  Who is going to pay for that?  Doesn’t she care? She says she found a “new way to serve” — really?  I don’t buy it.

And maybe others would have liked to run this past fall?  I think it is selfish to run for office one month ago and then decide to hang it up because something better came along (frankly, if I were a citizen of Missouri I would suggest she leave now.) 

And yes, of course there are times when it makes sense or there are good reasons for someone to resign — I just don’t see it here one month after being re-elected.

What do YOU think?

Urgent: Emerson to quit in February


Per Pergram-Capitol Hill


Rep. Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO) plans to step aside in February after just winning re-election in the fall.


A senior member of the House Appropriations Committee and an advocate for those in Joplin, MO after the devestating tornadoes, Emerson will become the head of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.


“I am not leaving Congress because I have lost my heart for service — to the contrary — I see a new way to serve,” Emerson said. “I did not go seeking this opportunity, but I am excited about the new challenge it offers to find ways to promote strong rural policy.”


Emerson succeeded her husband, the late Rep. Bill Emerson (R-MO) in this seat.


Her resignation means the House GOP will have yet one fewer moderate voice in the new Congress.


The 113th Congress will start with 234 R’s

and 200 D’s with 434 members, one vacancy (Jackson Jr.) prior to Emerson’s retirement.


Chad Pergram

FOX News

Senior Producer for Capitol Hill