With my American Airlines bad karma yesterday (scroll back), how did this guy miss getting on one of my flights? He sounds like an absolutely perfect addition for one of my American Airline flights yesterday!

Yesterday I had the ‘travel day from hell’ on American Airlines — but now the bright side: this man was not on my flight!  I just can’t figure out how I was so lucky that he was not on one of my flights!  (And yes, of course I am grateful I got home safely and American did fly us safely to our destination even if we had TWO broken planes and at first insufficient amount of fuel loaded on the plane to get us to our destination.)

American Airlines confirms


Flight 2137 was on taxi to its active runway when a passenger got very aggravated and said he wanted off.

On the way back to the gate the passenger said he had issues with his baggage.

The plane pulled back up to the gate and everyone got off. The plane is being searched.

American Airlines says 149 passengers will be allowed back on the plane soon and the plane will be on its way to LaAurora International (GUA).