College football news! Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema leaving for Arkansas


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Bret Bielema leaving for Arkansas, dealing a major blow to Wisconsin and Big Ten

By Frank Schwab, Yahoo! Sports

When reports surfaced last week that Les Miles and Arkansas were flirting with each other, which ended up with Miles getting a raise from LSU, the money figure the Razorbacks were rumored to be tossing around made almost every coach in the nation a candidate for that job.

Bret Bielema’s name never really came up in connection with the Arkansas job (which is surprising, because SEC coaching search rumors usually include every good coach in college football). Bielema had a great job at Wisconsin. He finished up his third straight Big Ten championship on Saturday night.

Now, the Big Ten has to look at itself in the mirror. The coach of the three-time defending Big Ten champs just left for a team that just finished sixth in the SEC West, and probably isn’t a top five job in the SEC.

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