FARM TO FREEZER!!! This is a spectacular idea — and you can HELP! You can make a difference and all you have to do is CLICK (no money!)

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I love great ideas and I know you do, too.  This (below) is an amazing project to help people.  You can help big time — just click on the red text below.  What is especially great about the challenge below is that you can help without spending money.   How can you resist that, right?  

Check it out ….and tell me what you think and let me know if YOU clicked and voted!


I am one of five finalists speaking on behalf of a new venture, Farm to Freezer, in the TEDxManhattan speaker competition. Farm to Freezer collects organic vegetables leftover from weekly a farmer’s market, works with volunteers to cook and freeze those veggies, and then this healthy food is incorporated into Bethesda Cares’ meals served to homeless and hungry people in the Metro Washington DC area.

In this first season, Farm to Freezer gleaned 5,000 lbs. of fresh, organic vegetables, prepared 1,500 lbs. of frozen tomato sauce and vegetables which will serve 2,500 people throughout the year. Farm to Freezer is on the cusp of scaling up operations to become self-sustaining. Winning a speaking opportunity at TEDX will provide critical visibility and, hopefully, lead to funding that will support this social enterprise.


Please take a minute to vote (listed as “take our survey”)    CLICK HERE     so others will benefit from Farm to Freezer’s work. It is a simple click to vote, no need to sign up for anything. You can vote on each of your computer devices. Please share this story and voting opportunity with your network. The winner will be selected by public vote and a judging panel. Voting ends December 15th, so vote today!


To learn more about Farm to Freezer visit: CLICK HERE

To learn more about TEDxManhattan: Changing the Way We Eat visit:


Thank You!

Cheryl Kollin