HERE IS THE PROBLEM: ASSAD ‘facing justice’ if he uses chemical weapons is JUST TOO LATE!

international crisis

In preparing for tonight’s ON THE RECORD at 10pm, I have read many articles where leaders say that Syria’s President Assad will ‘face justice’ if he uses chemical weapons against his people.  UN chief Ban Ki-moon is the latest to make the comment.  

My thought? that is too late.   

AFTER he uses them tens of thousands will be dead.  If the world community wants to help, now is the time — not later.  Some dog and pony trial at the ICC is not going to spare tens of thousands of great pain, grief and death.  I am all in favor of trials for criminals, including the ICC trials, but why would we want to stand by knowing it is about to happen and do nothing…and thinking a trial later would somehow correct this atrocity?  

Of course it is true, that we are at the mercy of the intelligence community and they sure have made mistakes in the past…are they right now? or is this wag the tail?