Why the alarm…..

There is good reason to be alarmed — see below the information from ForeignPolicy.com.

Some say Syria’s President Assad would never use sarin against his people. I think that assumption is delusional. What makes anyone so sure a guy who so willingly just murdered 40,000 of his own people in 18 months would not kill more with a new method? How could anyone think that 40k dead later decency overwhelms him? That is ridiculous. It is absurd to think he won’t kill more with sarin.

But, even if the world and the people of Syria get lucky and the Syrian President flees his country without firing off the sarin, our problems are far from over. Who is going to take control of the stockpile of sarin left behind? We have seen we can’t control rebels in Libya…and we know that Hezbollah stands by ready to grab the chemicals so the future is dangerously uncertain.

I don’t have the answers…do you?

“….Experts note that Syria likely has hundreds of tons of sarin — a lethal dose is approximately half a milligram. Deliverable by planes and artillery, 100-200 Syrian Scud missiles also reportedly serve as a quickly readied additional delivery platform. There is also suspicion that Syria possesses VX, a far deadlier nerve agent that is 100-400 times more toxic than sarin…”