Latest in Sudan: President Bashir bombing his own people


Office of the Official Spokesperson                                                                
Date; Decenber 8, 2012
NCP Antonov plane attacked Lima and Shat-safia villages
National congress party (NCP) air force antonov plane attacked Lima, Kufa, Miri-jua, Fama, shat-safia villages and Boram town in South Kordofan/Nuba mountains state on 5-6/12/012, killed and wounded civilians, destroyed and burned farms and killed many livestock.
On 5/12/012 at 6;30 pm, 9 bombs dropped in Boram town, with intention to destroy the secondary school but landed nearby, caused wide spread fire destroyed farms and forest, on 6/12/012 at 6:00 pm, 12 bombs dropped into Fama and Shat-safia villages in Boram county, killed one woman Mrs. Habiba Tia Tutu – 40 yrs old inside her house when bomb landed on it, wounded two other civilians 1- Kua Jugo 2- Towal, killed 3 cows, at 11;00 17 bombs dropped into Kufa, Lima and Miri-jua villages in west Kadugli, wounded one child 11 yrs old, killed several goats and burned farms.