More information about Samaritan Purse’s Greta Home and Academy

Greta Home and Academy Fact Sheet


History of Lamb Center Ministries and the Greta Home andAcademy

The Lamb Center Children Home was an orphanage/school started by Toney Davis with Lamb Center Ministries, a Haitian NGO, in 2001. That orphanage/organization closed in 2008. The building remained but collapsed in the 2010 earthquake. After the January 12th earthquake, children started appearing at the site and they were cared for by two Haitian brothers. The children were mostly from the brothers’ extended family, but included some from the local Legoane area whose families were impacted by the earthquake. The children were living in squalid conditions and had very little clothing or food. Samaritan’s Purse learned of the plight of over 60 children at the old orphanage site after a request was made for temporary shelters through our Shelter Program.   Samaritan’s Purse donated temporary shelters for housing/school for the children and began making regular visits to assist in meeting the needs of the children. After an assessment of local orphanages,  the Lamb Center Ministries NGO with was chosen by Samaritan’s Purseas a local partner to build a new orphanage and school. Construction began in 2011. The children have been in temporary housing since July 2011.