Random thoughts about Larry King…

Larry King

I think Larry King is the best interviewer of all TV.

He didn’t scream at his guests, he was always polite, he could interview anyone (from President to celebrity to a citizen at the center of some news story) and he always got information for me (the viewer) that I did not already know.

His critics said he gave ‘softball’ interviews but they were dead wrong — he asked pointed (blunt) questions politely and let his guests answer the questions and thus got us (viewers) information / news.  He got much more information and news out of guests than those anchors/hosts who scream and pound their guests.  Guests who are screamed at are guarded and don’t give up information easily.

Larry has a far more effective manner of interviewing.  At times Larry seemed to gently hand his guest a rope and the guest, seduced by Larry’s polite manner and thus caught off guard, put the rope around his own neck and hung himself by saying something he might later regret.

Larry was neither showbiz nor partisan.  Larry was / is an interviewer.  He got you the information and then let you decide.  Larry would tell you he is curious and that is just about the best thing you can be if you are an interviewer – curious.