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Next weekend I am headed to Haiti.  It is not a Fox trip or work related trip but I will take pics for you and post here on Gretawire.

Haiti continues to suffer immensely from the earthquake and the aftermath of the January 2011 earthquake.  About 300,000 died in the earthquake — and many many many have been left homeless and sick.  The number of orphan children is staggering!

  I have tried to stay connected to the story — rather than just swoop in, cover it for a while, give up and move on.  GretaWire is perfect forum to continue to report and discuss Haiti.   We in the media can’t cover everything and stay with every story forever  — but from time to time I can use my personal time and contacts to try and help.  Next weekend is one of those times.  I will give you more details about the trip later on this week — in the meantime, see this tweet below: