Latest on Michigan “right to work”

Readout of Mich. Democratic Congress Members’ Meeting with Gov. Snyder



WASHINGTON —  Michigan’s Democratic members of Congress met with Gov. Snyder this morning for about an hour. 


They strongly urged the governor to veto the so-called ‘right to work’ bill, or at a minimum ask the legislature to delay the vote on it.


The labor-management environment has dramatically improved in recent years in Michigan. Fracturing that growing unity and creating a contentious labor-management environment will not help attract companies to come to Michigan, the legislators said.


The legislators also urged the governor to allow the people to vote on this matter and not let their voices be squelched by a lame-duck session using a parliamentary gimmick to prevent the people from voting on it.


The governor listened and said he would “seriously” consider their concerns.


Attendees were Governor Snyder; Senator Carl Levin; Congressmen John Dingell, John Conyers, Sandy Levin, Gary Peters, Hansen Clark and Dave Curson. Congressman-elect Dan Kildee also attended.