I have NO SYMPATHY for Leader Pelosi or anyone else who wants to go home for the holidays WITHOUT figuring out the fiscal cliff problem! In fact, it is selfish that they worry more about their holidays with their own families when they have failed us so miserably


Below (the bold text print Leader Pelosi quote) makes my stomach turn.   Politicians are worried about THEIR holidays with THEIR family after they have messed this up so miserably?

#1 – Congress and the President have known about the fiscal cliff problem since early August 2011 – that is 18 months!  And what did they do?  Nothing in 18 months….except go on vacation in August 2012, and then take the rest of the fall off to campaign for their jobs (while we paid their salaries!)

#2 Leader Pelosi says below that holidays are about ‘faith and family.’  Well, easy for her to say (she has a job) — but what about all those who fear they are going to lose jobs if we go over the fiscal cliff?  What kind of time will they be spending with their families on the holidays besides worrying to death!  Leader Pelosi (and everyone else) has had 18 months to figure this out…so I have zero sympathy that they could miss their holiday at home with their families because they didn’t do their jobs.  They can SKYPE.  I don’t feel like paying for one more vacation for them to ‘bond with their families’ while they hurt Americans by their failure to do their jobs.

#3 As an aside….lots of people miss the holidays with family and don’t whine.   For starters, our troops overseas are missing the holidays with their families.   What kind of example is set when we demand a huge sacrifice from our troops overseas during the holidays while we coddle our politicians and excuse their non performance of their jobs FOR 18 MONTHS so they can go home to “bond” with their families?

Am I wrong?

Below from FoxNews.com – Leader Nancy Pelosi

“Faith and family, that’s what the holidays are about,” the California Democrat said during a news conference. “These are bonding opportunities for families and strengtheners for our families. We should [be] home for that.”