Santa’s harsh words for lawmakers during his visit to Capitol Hill!


It’s that time of year…Santa Claus is coming to town! But this year he has a new mission…to help with the fiscal cliff!

Santa paid a visit to Congress today and delivered a stern warning to lawmakers, saying in part:

“This is the busiest time of the year for me, but thankfully my staff up at the North Pole are as concerned as I am about the fate of so many children and families and what will happen to them due to this childish squabbling here in Congress if it doesn’t end…Pass the tax cut for 98% of American families now…and avoid the terrible budget cuts that will harm so many children and their families across this nation.”

The liberal group Catholics United brought Santa to Washington.

So what do you think? Will Santa’s visit convince Congress to strike a deal? If not, what will? Post your thoughts!